In case you missed it, a video of Lee Bee Wah's speech in Parliament had gone viral in the last few days. In the video, Lee Bee Wah paid tribute to the Budget 2019 drawn up by her party. 

Her speech is fully in Mandarin, and in the speech, she used the analogy of Ah Kong and Ah Seng. This is basically her way of reminding Singaporeans how generous Ah Kong is to Ah Seng. At the end of her speech, she said that all her residents were grateful for the help the government has bestowed on them, and that no other governments in the world can do that. But her carry balls antics can only get her far. She has drawn flak from almost everybody, including her residents one might think. 

Most said that her analogy was misplaced, as Ah Kong always take our money first, and then just give us back $300 every 4 years, the millions they have taken were safely used for other pressing issues not related to giving back to Ah Seng, including paying for Ah Kong's cronies their multi million dollar salaries. 

Lee Bee Wah have truly reached the lowest level of embarrassing as a Singapore Politician. 

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