Singaporeans were treated to a regular dose of train delay on the North-South line this morning. Thanks to SMRT, commuters had no choice but to add 30 minutes more fo travel time due to a train fault.

Whatever that means.

The delay affected Woodlands to Yew Tee stations. Although SMRT provided free shuttle buses, angry commuters still took to Facebook to express their displeasure.

"Stuck in Mrt at sembawang for last 30mins and no proper announcement. Keep repeating 30mins delay after announcing 5 mins delay initially!"

"All these break down should be recorded in history. So when they say increase fee again, the citizens can question."

"Where's the transport minister? In the train or.....Creating massive inconvenience to the ordinary people!"

"I have been stuck here for more than 1 hour. And when i ended up exit from the station, additional travelling fee was charged!"

"The overcrowding today was seriously at a dangerous level... The day has barely begun and you have ruined thousands of people mood"

"Guess current govt has gone soft and inefficient, time for change!"

Is this what Singaporeans get after they raised public transport fares? What in the world is our Government doing, really?


Photo credit to Kenny

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