On the second day of CNY, a married couple, who were not identified in Media reports, but said to be Chinese, had a major argument while traveling in a car along the PIE. The woman then did something that we thought only happen in movies. She opened the car door, and jumped out of the moving car.

This apparently happened while the husband was driving along the PIE towards Tuas, near the Pasir Laba Camp exit. As the car was in an expressway, the possible slowest speed the husband could have driven was 80km/hr. The 46 year old woman apparently suffered serious head injuries, as well as other parts of her body. Reports indicated that she was bleeding heavily, after landing on her head first. The husband had immediately stopped the car and rushed to her.

It is understood that the woman is currently warded in NUH and the 51 year old husband is assisting police with their investigations. 

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