Residents at of block 729 Woodlands Circle were alarmed when they saw paper wrappers stuffed inside a wall on their lift landing. The paper stuffing were exposed when renovation works were being carried out at the block.

Residents immediately raised the alarm, fearful that the block's structural safety has been compromised. The paper stuffings in questioned was seen in a gap between the metal frame of the lift door and the wall in both the 10th and 11th floors of the block. Responding to queries, HDB said that the paper stuffing were likely to have been there since the building was first built. This could be because the contractor then might have wanted to to fill a small gap caused when works were carried out, and to facilitate tiling works, the paper was stuffed between the gap.

HDB also confirmed that this is an unsafe and unacceptable industry practice, and they will investigate the matter. But they reiterated that the builiding structure and lift operations are unaffected.

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