Singapore Idol winner 2006, Hady Mirza, was reportedly seen about a month back in the Changi Prison Complex, speculated to be in prison for drug-related offences. The most clean cut of Idol winners, Hady Mirza has always shun the limelight, even when he won and had two platinum album released.

Hady Mirza was reportedly involved in youth work in 2013, having co-founded local group FRHM Youth, an organisation that promotes Muslim education and way of life among young people. He was also known to have perform the minor pilgrimage, and also had a home based business, a chilli tempeh snack business under the name Tempting Trading, set up in 2016. He was also recently in the news for being a Grab driver.

However, his goody two shoes image have been shattered, as it was understood that the 38 year old was arrested for drug-related offences recently. His home business licence was not renewed in May, and he was no longer the director of FRHM Youth since 2014. 

What ever happened to him? From an Idol, to a drug offence in just 12 years. A spectacular fall from grace. 

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