In the latest siao lang news of Singapore, a lady (who has been CSI-ed by local netters) named Jovina Choi, was shot in a video by a GoJek driver. In the seven minute long video, the lady was seen accusing the driver of kidnapping.

Here's a run down of what happened in the video:

- Jovina Choi (JC) accused the driver of cheating her money for going to an ERP gantry and videoed the driver as well
- She insists that the road she takes every morning doesn't go through any gantries but was unable to give directions to the driver when he asked
- Driver said that he would not want to take a single cent from JC and advised her to get a refund from GoJek. He also advised her to take a bus in the future.
- Driver wants to make a report to the police and LTA and also advised JC for doing the same
- JC moved out of the view of the driver's camera and started making calls to (presumably) her mother and accused the driver of being dangerous
- Driver laughs at the accusation
- The driver told the mother on speaker phone that he was bringing JC to the police station
- The mother accuses the driver of taking her hostage
- Upon reaching Toa Payoh's NPC, JC started screaming for help and that she has been kidnapped
- The driver clarified the situation with the police officer who was stationed there
- JC tried to leave the vehicle but the doors were locked; she then started screaming "HE LOCKED THE DOOR"
- The driver and police subsequently tried to explain to her that cars have an auto lock system
- The woman starts questioning them "Is it because I'm Chinese?" 

The driver must have been scarred for life to have met such a passenger. We can only wonder what what JC thought the ransom for her would be. $1.50 worth of ERP charges? And what was with the race card at the end? It's as if she has never seen a ERP in Singapore before.

The post has since gathered over 30,000 shares on Facebook. The driver captioned his video "After few day of thinking. I guess i better to let it out. Pax accuse me of kidnapping her just bcoz of E.R.P..... i have already make police report & report to gojek. Be care to all phv driver. Blk 251 Bishan St 22 to 1 Coleman St @ 7.10am to avoid ERP? She keep telling that i trying to cheat her. I ask her tell me if she know how to avoid ERP but she cant direct me to where should i go to avoid ERP."

You can watch the full video here (we promise it's worth 7 mins of your time):

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