The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) have made another wrong move in their catalogue of wrong moves in the football scene, by withdrawing its Singapore U22 football team from competing in the upcoming AFF U23 tournament.

The Asean Football Federation (AFF) have fined the FAS US $10,000 for their withdrawal. FAS cited the fact that the same team will participate in the Asian Football Confederation Under-23 qualifiers in March 2019 as their reason for withdrawal. They stated that coach Fandi Ahmad will focus all his attention and energy in building the team up for the qualifiers for tha AFC Tournament, instead of participating in an actual tournament they are already in. 

Fans were up in arms in this decision, as most see the AFC qualifiers as a no win game, while they see the AFF tournament as something the Singapore team can compete in well. The last time this tournament was held, Singapore reached the final, but was beaten by Thailand. 

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