A netizen, Kelvin Ling, urged new citizens to give the opposition parties a chance by listening to them and voting for them.

Ling was of the view that many of them were transfixed with Singapore because they wanted a better environment for themselves and their families. 

However, the safety and security found in Singapore should not translate into votes for the PAP. The safety and security was borne out of many years of a great PAP leading Singapore. This is not the case now. The netizen felt that the current PAP is greedy, to the detriment of Singapore.

There are those fear-mongerers who think that Singapore will be less safe and secure when the PAP goes out of power. For Ling, these concerns are unwarranted because agencies like the Police, SAF, SCDF, and other civil servants will continue to serve the citizens even when PAP is no longer in power.

He thus encouraged new citizens to not discount the Opposition.

We must vote for the Opposition so that we shall have a voice to speak for us.

We have a very good Opposition in
PSP led by Dr. Tan Cheng Bock
WP led by Pritam Singh
SDP led by Dr. Chee Soon Juan
PV led by Lawyer Lim Tean

I encourage you to take a look at their Youtube so that you are able to understand what they are fighting for.

You came to Singapore for a better future. Now that you are a citizen, have the strength to do what is necessary for the future of the country.


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