Are you one of those that was plagued with the bad customer service from Singpost? Despite the many horror stories online, many others have actually never experienced anything negative from Singpost. This particular Redditporean was one of them.. Until now. 

This Redditporean did her usual online shopping and was expecting her packages to arrive safely like how it has happened for her the previous few years. However this time, Singpost decided that it was time for her to taste their infamous service for real. You can read her full post here:

I was expecting 3 packages to be delivered last week. I successfully recieved 2 of them on the afternoon of 1 March, they were both delivered at the same time by SingPost. Later in the evening I checked the tracking status of the remaining undelivered package only to find out that a delivery was attempted but failed, and a delivery advice was issued. And for some bizzare reason it was on transit to Bishan PO when my missed packages normally transits to CCK PO cos that is the nearest one to my house. I attempted a redelivery/redirect request via their website but the request did not seem to go through. However seeing it was in the evening, I decided to call back the following day.

So I called the following morning. I was greeted by a gentlemen who told me that I already arranged for a redirect from Bishan PO to CCK PO (So apparently the request I made via the website went through?), and that it will be ready to collect in 3 working days. He even gave me the details on how to collect it and that I can track it via the SingPost website, fair enough.

Then... I checked the tracking on 4 March and saw that a redelivery was attempted but failed YET AGAIN and that ANOTHER delivery advice was issued. I called 1605, but operators seemed busy, so I opted for the next best thing - Live Chat. The lady over chat told me I in fact opted for a redelivery instead of a redirect (lol wut?) and since the request can only be made once, I have no choice but to manually collect the package at Bishan PO, which is going to be an inconvience for me as I live in CCK. I kept asking for an explanation on why the 2 delivery attempts never took place, but she repeated kept replying with the usual copy/paste sentences and their delivery SOP's. (You can see some snippets of the convo here) It honestly felt like I was talking to a bot instead of a live chat. (Again, see pics) She either did not seem to understand what I was asking or she was completely unaware of how to handle my request. Or perhaps SingPost deliberately instructed their live chat to not divulge too much info? Frustrated, I decided it was hopeless to continue our conversation so I thanked her and ended the chat there.

Nevermind the redirect request didn't get through. What I want now is an explanation on why the deliveries never took place, and also why was the "missed package" somehow got sent to Bishan. Although I do find the former to be even more bizzare.

My best guess is upon arrival at the sorting center, my package got mixed up in the wrong batch of other packges meant for delivery in another region of Singapore. And SingPost took the easy way out by simply marking it as a failed delivery attempt instead of noticing the address and redirecting it to the nearest PO for it. I've been shopping online for years, I hardly ever buy stuff from retail anymore, and my family has generally had good experiences with SingPost unlike all the horror stories my friends tell me and those I see on the internet. But after this, I'm not sure anymore.

TL;DR - SingPost never delivered my package TWICE, live chat was pretty much as good as talking to a bot, and now I have no choice but to travel down to Bishan PO from CCK (where I live) just to collect my package or it will be sent back to the sender.

Welp. Looks like the apology and promises to improve their service did little to nothing as we continue to see negative comments by netizens. 


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