Our elites may not think much of $2 but a small amount can make a big difference to common folks like us.

A foreign worker who became jobless after suffering from a workplace injury gave $2 to his friend despite him being poor and hungry. "His friend was also injured and jobless, he said. And even though he had so little, he still felt the urge to help someone in need."

Transient Workers Count Too, an organisation that helps foreign workers here, started a campaign on giving.sg to help low-wage workers who have been injured and abused by their employers. Donations will be used to take these migrant workers to lunch and cover their medical bills.

TWC2 will also have a fundraising event on 16 Dec 2018 at the Singapore Khalsa Association.

Why not do a good deed this festive season? Btw, who said Singaporeans only know how to complain? 

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