In a Facebook post dated 22 November, netizen Claris Ortega recollected on how she was approached by old woman who was pushing a trolley full of cardboard that she had collected, and asking her if she could buy for her a packet of chicken rice.

Recalling the incident, Ortega said that this happened around dinnertime at Clementi Food Centre. She had noticed this old woman looking at a table with leftover food as Ortega was leaving. She went up to the old woman and and before she could do anything, the old woman asked her is she could buy for her a meal, as she was hungry having gone all day collecting cardboard. Ortega bought the woman a chicken rice, and although the woman accepted that, she refused any monetary help, or even a second packet of food. 

Most online netizens said the old woman is seen frequently around the area collecting cardboard, and she seemed hunched over and unable to walk straight. The Ministry of Social and Family Development stated that the old woman is known to them, and she is supported by her children and grandchildren, as well receiving pensions and Silver Support payouts. The MSF failed to explain why she still have to collect cardboard if she was receiving all these help. 

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