A post from an American, Soxna S. Dice, recently surfaced to the anger of some Singaporeans. Soxna S. Dice is allegedly a former Government Regulatory and Environmental Attorney. You can read the full post in the image above. 

In the post, she mentioned that it's dangerous to get a piercing in a lesser devloped country such as Singapore. She also mentions that if people were to get a piercing in a poorer country like Singapore, they have a higher risk of getting diseases such as AIDS.

Now the question is this.Why is our government always trying to put foreigners first when all they do is think badly of us? Should the not put Singaporeans first? Why is our government trying so hard to please them? There are millions of Singaporeans who need the help and effort they put into foreigners. We take in so many of them every year and this is how they see us. I don't get what our Government is doing seriously. Maybe we need to try something new. A party that would put Singaporeans first.

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