Tattoo artists are known to give out things like nipple tapes for tattoo sessions when they have to tattoo the chests of girls. This is to protect the modesty of the girl when clothes come off. They also try their best to avoid touching the girl unnecessarily.

However, a girl named Kae went onto her Instagram to talk about her tattoo session on her strernum, the middle of the chest, just between her boobs. She claims that she took off her bra for the tattoo artist to access the area more easily. However, the tattoo artist did not offer her a nipple tape to cover herself up. 

After that tattoo session, the artist allegedly "pushed" up her boobs to "see how the tattoo will look like" if Kae was wearing a bra. She also mentions:

He took a picture of the complete piece without me having my bra on and yes (my nipple is now in his phone) I’m not sure why but he say that “later then we crop” 

If all these allegations are real, the tattoo artist should be reported to the police. This is not proper behaviour for a tattoo artist who has to come in contact with the skins of many other clients. 

However, we should read this with an open mind as it's just one side of the story. You can see her full post here:

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❌❌❌❌❌ Hello everyone, I would like to have a short post about getting tattoo in Singapore. First of all, for my past experience, I always know that tattoo that comes cheap doesn’t come good, true enough, I was gullible to actually believe a artist call Rainey Loi @rainey_tattoo (canvas tattoo) he sold me his words, his action, and a lot of art piece from Google etc. Telling me that he can do it, and he’s a “photocopying” machine. Showing me all his friends that compliment his work. So I decided to make a appointment with him and get my forever art in me. True enough, cheap tattoo really don’t come good; but putting the tattoo piece aside. I actually come by and told him about my idea to do a chest piece. He told me that is not a problem! I did a tiny snake in the middle of my chest (center of my boobs). So I took my bra because he said it will be better to because of placement etc. (You know they said listen to your artist and your artist will never fail you) so I listen to him, I WASNT GIVEN A NIPPLE TAPE, NOT EVEN A PIECE OF RAG/TISSUE. “It’s fine” he said. So when the piece is completed. He wanted to PUSH MY FUCKING BOOBS AND TELL ME THAT “because I want to see how the tattoo will look like when I’m wearing my bra” It leaves a lot and a lot ???? In my head. He took a picture of the complete piece without me having my bra on and yes (my nipple is now in his phone) I’m not sure why but he say that “later then we crop” lol? I’m not trying to trend anyone, but I hope that if one day u come across my photo thru him, please know that, I’m not easy, neither I am what you people call “Lok”. Thank you for all your time, and I hope you will find the right tattoo artist, even if it’s not right, at least not one with dirty hands. And btw, he did ask me to have sex with him. So please I don’t want any girls to be his next victim or any artist. #sgtattoo #sgtattooartist #singaporetattoo

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