Singaporean Edward Foo was allegedly rejected by MP Lee Bee Wah after wanting to talk to her about the Ready4Repeal movement. According to his post, the MP simply brushed him off by saying that she had to tend to other residents and their "real" problems. 

Is the LGBT issue not a problem in Singapore? Are we not allowed to talk about it at all? As a MP, how can she reject her resident?

Foo was with three other friends who were supposed to meet the MP together. Although they took the same queue number, they were one by one refused and asked to leave. 

"The MP walks over, shakes our hands one by one, and immediately asks if we are related. The other resident of the GRC replies that we are not, but we have come together as we were there to discuss the same topic. The MP then immediately asked them to leave as she only wanted to talk to her residents. At this point the other resident of the GRC replies, telling the MP that she does live here, and is a resident of the GRC. The MP then asks her to leave as well, and take a seperate queue number. The MP then stated that 'she thinks she knows what this is about', as her other MPs have 'mentioned this before'. She waited for all three of my friends to leave, and I was left alone. She then asked me to 'say what I wanted to say'. I then said: 'This is regarding section 377a, and I was wondering what your views on this matter are.' The MP then said: 'I have other residents with real problems', and exited the room."

Afterwards, Foo tried to get the attention of the MP and her letter writer but felt like they were consciously trying to avoid him. While he managed to pass the Ready4Repeal petition to the writer, he should not have been treated in such low regard. 

So much for wanting to listen to residents and helping Singaporeans. Don't turn the blame on us when one day Singaporeans refuse to listen to you.



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