An SIA flight that was arriving from Hong Kong was diverted to Paya Lebar Airport due to massive congestion at Changi Airport. This led to the flight being delayed for 4 hours.The flight eventually landed at Changi Airport at 11:35pm, when it was scheduled to land there at 7:45pm. 

It was reported that some passengers got confused when the Captain of the flight announced that they will land at Paya Lebar Airport. Some passengers to take their luggage from the overhead compartment, thinking that they were disembarking at Paya Lebar. Apparently, even the SIA did not know what was happening, and it was only when relatives on the ground called the airport that they found out that the delay was due to traffic congestion at Changi.

The diverted plane finally landed at the original destination near to midnight, after making the short hop from Paya Lebar to Changi.

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