Towards the end of last week and the weekend, there was debate on the issue of stereotypes and microagressions against the minority communities in Singapore. If you don't remember, a hijab-donning lady working at Google was thought to be working at the canteen by the PHV driver that she hired. The driver had no ill-intentions. He tried to make conversation but it was off the mark.

Now for some better news for tolerance, race and religious harmony in Singapore.

On 5 April 2019, an Ustaz named 'Zahid Zin' shared how his family went to a funeral wake of a non-Muslim member of his extended family. You see, the Ustaz's wife has an aunt who married a convert whom they address as 'Uncle Adi'. It was Uncle Adi's mother who passed away recently. It was her wake that Ustaz Zahid Zin and family attended, to pay their last respects. 

The Ustaz reminded us that we live in Singapore in a multicultural society where we must respect other people's cultures and beliefs.


That's what it is all about. 

This is a timely reminder for us Singaporeans. It seems that as our country gets older, the more divided Singaporeans have become. While our religious and cultural beliefs may be different, it does not mean that we disrespect them and mock them.

It is not a case of people from totally different ethnic backgrounds. Even among the Chinese community, there are groups of Christians, Taoists, and atheists, who have very little tolerance of what each group practices.

We can be much better with it.

Thank you Ustaz Zahid Zin for the wonderful gesture and reminder.



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