Tan Kin Lian was once the CEO of Fairprice and a part of PAP for about 30 years. He then left the party due to inactivity and disagreement with the party's value system. He then ran as a presidential candidate in 2011. Back then he only achieved a 4.9% and lost his $48,000 deposit.

On 31 Mar 2019, Tan posted on his Facebook page 'If you want me to contest in the general election, give a Like and Share. Let us make it to 1,000 Likes.' With all the buzz about the next elections nearing, it appears from this post that he might be considering to run for the general elections again.

The post currently has 870 likes and we are all on the edge of our seats to see if it will hit 1,000. And if it does, which party will he join? Or will he be running independently? Exciting times are coming.


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