When it rains, it pours. This seem to be the case for Singapore's airlines, as a SilkAir flight became the latest to face safety issues. A SilkAir flight bound to Singapore from Chiang Mai had to turn back and land at Chiang Mai, due to a suspected hairline crack on a cockpit window. 

As a result of the precautionary measure, passengers on the flight were delayed for more than 10 hours before they returned home safely to Singapore. The flight was scheduled to reach SG by 3:35pm yesterday, but as the engineers needed time to address the fault, a replacement plane had to be dispatched to Chiang Mai to bring the 146 passengers and crew back to Singapore. This new flight was expected to land in SG at 2:30am on Wednesday. 

This delay followed hot on the heels of another Singapore airline, Scoot, having its flight turned back to Changi Airport because of a fault with its weather radar component.  

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