Do you feel that ministers earning millions is a problem? What's more, civil servants earning more than ministers? Do we need to review their salaries? They argue that they need to pay more to attract people to join them. But do we need money-faced greedy people joining our government? Is that the type of character we want in our ministers? 

A netizen weighs in on the issue:

"If civil servants are earning more than ministers, then the system is wrong and you are giving us a loadshit that your party is unable to secure good candidates for PAP, that is #not_populist, that's #PAP_problem, that's 
#selfishness, that's #self_aggrandizement??
That's #partisan 
Why must taxpayers pay for something that is a political party's problem?
If your party can't attract good candidates cos there are people who have integrity and money can't trade your morals.
Then Mr Goh, there is something seriously wrong with your party.
Your party has lost collective moral and indeed PAP needs to look seriously at their obsence demand for such absurdities that this country is a little dot and a minister is paid more than US President and China President....and civil servants are paid more than ministers?
Then there is a need to review the civil servants' salary too.
Something is very wrong about this money faced government which is not happening in our neighbouring countries nor is it happening in other parts of the world.
I'm sorry I don't agree and I don't accept such irrational elucidation.....Please explain your job profile, your scope of work and the responsibility it entails.
Do you deserve your salary too ?
I don't mince my words."

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