In the latest news of wild animals in Singapore, a 3-metre reticulated python appeared in a maisonette's toilet in Eunos. The incident happened on the morning of 30 December 2018. Goh heard screams from his wife at 6.45am after she spotted the snake. The python was coiled around a beam in the toilet.

Mr Goh and his family then called various agencies such as AVA and MPTC for help. However, MPTC told him to call a pest control company instead while AVA claimed that they would send help.

Meanwhile, they continued to call pest control companies and a team finally arrived at 8am. It took about 30 minutes to capture the python and release it into the wild. The snake was 3m long and about 10 cm in diameter. 

Goh's family spent about 2 hours and S$400 on the ordeal. AVA claimed that they promptly responded to the sighting of the snake and a team was on the way to Goh's house when Goh's daughter called to say the snake had been caught.

Recounting the incident, Goh said "She said there was a huge snake in the toilet. I thought she was exaggerating or had mistaken something else for a snake." We wonder what could a 3m snake be mistaken for.

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