In the most expected end to the Benjamin Davis saga, MINDEF has taken the stance to call the young aspiring footballer an NS defaulter, as he failed to report for his NS obligations like he has to, and he is also illegally out of the country after he did not renew his exit permit.

The FAS, on their part, had been championing for Ben Davis to be given an NS deferment, but with this latest development, had voiced their extreme disappointment on Davis' part, for he had reneged on the promises made by his father that he will discharge his NS duties and represent Singapore. The Davis camp, on their part, had remained silent on this issue. So, as far as the matter stands, Davis is still with Fulham youth team in London, trying to earn a professional contract. And if he does return to Singapore, he will be arrested and charged for NS default, which carries a fine of up to $3,000 and / or a jail term of up to 3 years.

Of course, MINDEF will not back down from their stance, once this was made public. And Davis will probably not return to Singapore, ever. That's the end of a promising Singaporean footballer then, all because of NS. 

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