Many MPs suddenly found one voice, and that voice is crying out to impose a ban on smoking in one's own home. They said second hand smoke is equally as dangerous, is not more so, than smoking itself, so the poor neighbours have to deal with people who smoke inside houses.

So the solution? To curb smoking inside a HDB flat, better for social cohesion at the same time. They think they are doing a service for Singaporeans. Really? How about just banning cigarettes outright? Wouldn't this be much better?

These MPs' suggestions are borderline crazy, out of touch with reality. Maybe the next time they open their well fed mouths, they will suggest the banning of the sales of cigarettes altogether.

Eh wait! That cannot happen, as the taxes from the sale of cigarettes is worth billions. No cigarettes means no billion dollars worth of tax, means MP salary might get cut. So, to save face, let all the MPs suggest some laws to show their concern to the well being of Singaporeans, without affecting their million dollar pay packets.

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