A former parking officer skipped doing actual work, that is to go to carparks to issue summons to errant motorist, just because she claimed she had to take care of her sick grandmother during work hours. In order to cover for her absences from work, she turned up just to collect the handheld scanner and a daily patrol accountability form from her supervisor.

Afterwards, she did not even bother to check for vehicles parked illegally at the Choa Chu Kang carparks she was tasked to work at. Instead, she randomly entered registration numbers of vehicles without season parking tickets into an electronic record system, with the vehicles not even confirmed to have been parked at the carpark where the alleged offences took place.

She issued summonses totaling more than $1,000 to 30 or more vehicles, where 16 motorists actually paid up a total of $304. She was finally exposed when a summon was issued to a driver who had not even driven her car and police were notified. For the scam, 33 year old Noorasimah Jasman was sentenced to four weeks jail. She had also lost her job as a parking officer. 

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