Despite being the subject of a viral video, Go-jek passenger Jovina Choi, who thought she was kidnapped, is insistent that she was right. In a series of exchanges with the mainstream media, Jovina said that there was no misunderstanding from the start. 

She was frustrated at the driver for taking a more expensive route even though she already told him not to. She was certain that there are routes that do not incur ERP charges. 

"We did not come to an agreement in Bishan and I asked him to return me to pick-up point or drop me at any safe spot but he refused to drop me off while we were still in Bishan."

Meanwhile, the Go-jek driver was interviewed by LTA and is awaiting its decision. He is, to many netizens' relief, still allowed to continue driving. 

It is unfair that Jovina got away with nothing but who's to say, it must not be easy for her to go out these days.

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