Finance Minister and the front runner for Singapore's next Prime Minister, Heng Swee Keat, announced in Parliament that the Government has yet to decide on when the GST hike of 7 to 9 percent will be introduced.

The time frame given for the proposed hike was between 2021 and 2025, but Heng acknowledged that there has been widespread reservations about the timing and approach the government had in raising the GST. Here's a hint. The GST hike will increase, and it will be done soon after the next GE when PAP returns back to power, and way before the next GE after this one, when voters voice don't matter. Tactics explained easily, right?

Heng also pointed out that the GST hike will be offset by the GST vouchers to be given to Singaporeans. Yes, that very same $300 vouchers, which they think can help Singaporeans. Let's put things in perspective. $300 vouchers, for one whole year of necessity spending. That's 365 days, with $300 voucher. Wow, not even 1 cent a day. That's how they say they are helping us.

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