To all you Singaporeans

I have a simple message to you all, stop blaming our tabligh religious gathering and say we cause the spread of coronavirus to singapore and other south east asia country. How you know it is definitely our local malaysians who carry the virus in the first place? 

Why nobody say the obvious flaw that maybe it is the foreign attendees are irresponsible and bring the covid-19 virus to our religious event? Before the event, Singapore has more case than malaysia, why not possible is one of the 95 singapore attendee infect our innocent citizens during the event?

Use your brain and think, you will know it is not so sure it is us malaysian who spread virus to you, maybe is the other way around. 

If you are so scared of dying, don't come to malaysia, we don't welcome you also. Important is stop blaming malaysia for your covid cases when there is no proof they get it from malaysia. 

It is always possible they get it in singapore and come infect us. maybe even some china attendees infect the event, don't anyhow blame malaysia. 

[This is a message found in Whatsapp]

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