Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) was, arguably, the least high profile of the Lee siblings, which include his brother, Lee Hsien Loong (LHL), and his sister, Lee Wei Ling (LWL).

For a long time, LHY stood in the shadows of his brother.

This has changed.

The family feud over their parents' Oxley residence has rumbled on. As it continues, many Singaporeans have come out in support of LHY. 

They see him as a humble and capable leader who commands the respect of many. Those who worked with, and under him, attest to his good character.

Many have suggested that he is destined for greater things.

LHY is certainy not afraid to challenge LHL in public, including on social media. He doesn't pull any punches. 

He has openly courted the opposition and the opposition have openly courted him, but there has been no move to inlcude him as part of an opposition slate to contest the elections.

He has given his backing to the newly-formed Progress Singapore Party led by former PAP MP, Dr Tan Cheng Bock. Both men have an intimate understanding of what has gone wrong with the PAP, and how it has lost its way.

They know the change that's required.

Yet that is simply not enough. A fragmented opposition is not going to win the elections. A united one stands a better chance.

To take down the incumbent requires leadership, personality, and credibility. These are traits possessed by LHY in abundance.

Only someone like him can coordinate and unite the opposition.

LHY, Singaporeans have supported you.

Do us a favour - please lead the opposition to bring down your brother.

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