It is not easy to take care of kids nowadays. Don't get us wrong but sometimes the work can be overwhelming.

What is even more overwhelming is if you are a teacher taking care of those kids. And dealing with worried parents, the anxeity doubled.  

So someone came to share on Facebook about how her child was bitten at school by another kid.

You know some accidents are beyond anyone's control (just like this one). Imagine the feelings of the teachers and the soon-to-be-informed parents..  must be indescribable. 

Here goes..

Just to share my personal story... #thankyouteacher

My son's teacher called me at 4pm yesterday and started the convo with "I'm very sorry...."

To realize that my son was bitten by his classmate when both of them are trying to snatch a toy just minutes before

My first reaction was to ask the teacher how Nabil is. She mentioned that he cried but the teachers are consoling him now. There's a bruise on his arm, quite big so they put some ice pack and aloe vera on it. They also called the parent of the other part about this incident.

For every 3 sentences she spoke, she apologized. And after a while, she added the phrase thank you for understanding.

This incident made me realize how challenging it is to be an educator, dealing with parents.

No doubt it sucks that my son got hurt. But it is caused by his classmates, where they are all 2 year old and every child is different. Then again, this is just the beginning of life. You'll get hurt, you just need to embrace it, heal the wound whether physical or emotional and life goes on.

Honestly after seeing the bruise, my husband and I are thankful.
We are thankful that the teacher called me almost immediately after the incident.
We are thankful that they administer ointment on the wound ASAP.
We are thankful that they inform the other child's parent about the incident.

I'm not looking for an injury free school.
I'm looking for a school that takes responsibility for whatever happens and I'm glad I've found one.

#thankyouteacher #canrecommendthisschool

Congrats to Miss Nur Fitria Rozlan for finding such a good school.

Plus she is sharing it with all of us! (:  +10 points




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