In the most recent draft Master Plan 2019 revealed by URA on how they envisaged living in Singapore would be like in the near future, for the first time ever, three dimensional underground maps were also released.

These underground maps were for locations in Marina Bay, Jurong Innovation District and the Punggol Digital District. This is with the view that Singapore will eventually make use of space underground, as we are running out of space above ground, and thus creating a seamless subterranean map for Singapore. URA all but confirmed that the underground plans are part of their strategies to create spaces for the future and create capacity for growth.

Now if this is not an indication that all these ties in with the Population White Paper, in which the government envisaged having 10m people living in this small space of ours. It does seem like going underground is the only way we can accommodate the numbers. Very soon, we will have a new category of Singaporeans, named from here on as the Mole. 

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