A netizen shared his negative experience with an amulet shop located at Golden Mile Complex (GMC). 

On 27 July 2019, the netizen went to GDC with the intention of encasing his amulet in a gold-casing.

At this particular shop, he was told by the attending auntie that it will not cost more than $400. He eventually paid a $200 deposit for the service and was told that it will take 4-5 working days for the process to complete.

The actual wait took longer. It was only on 20 August that the shop contacted him to pick-up the amulet.

That wasn't the only setback.

Although he was quoted less than $400 on 27 July, he was told to pay another $640. This meant that the total price, including the deposit, would've been $840.

His request for the shop to remove the gold casing was met with insults from the same auntie.

Desperate, the netizen called the police. 

The auntie later chased the netizen out of the shop.

When getting a quote from a shop/service provider, make sure you have them write it down in black and white to prevent any cases where the final prices are inflated for whatever reasons.

If there are genuine reasons as to why some action has to be undertaken, as a customer, you have a right to know how much that will cost and can decide if you want to proceed with it.



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