An EDMW netter started a thread to complain that girls are heartless creatures. In the thread the netter said:

"Do u all just feel that girls are heartless creatures juz bcos they think they r pretty? Dis girl used to be my platoon mate in BMT, heard she exit bcos heart problem. Last time got follow each other, now realize she unfollow liao, reply story also never bother to seen me sia. Face 7/10, heart 0/10 jibai"

The netter then continues to bad mouth the girl in the thread and further discussed why she dropped out of army.

Meanwhile, someone sent the link of the thread to the girl. The girl then claims that she has her suspicions on who the thread starter might be. She also claimed that the suspect has been stalking her for a period of time and have even appeared at Pandan Gardens condominium, where she has her ballet lessons, even though the suspect has no reason for being there. The girl ended up blocking the guy off social media because she felt creeped out.

The girl continues to say that she feels unsafe. However, she also felt that she could have handled the situation better and would like to apologize to the suspect.

The girl seems to be very nice and mature about everything. Maybe the guy should stop being such a creep and then blaming her for blocking him. 

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