A rally for PMD ridedrs was held over the weekend at Hong Lim Park with speakers like Goh Meng Seng and Tan Kin Lian. Goh Meng Seng claimed that the turn out was disappointing. But they still went through with the event, albeit without the PMD light up as there were close to no PMDs there.

Some riders were also given a chance to talk about the PMD issue after the speeches, with one of them getting so agitated that he started spewing vulgarities into the mic. 

So what now for the PMD riders? Is everything over? In the beginning, many of these riders would gather at meet the people sessions to talk about the issue. But that has not seemed to work out for them as well. With Lam Pim Min continuously reiterating about the $1000 grant. And if the rally was any indication, there seems to be no more fight in them. Are they giving in to their fate of the PMD ban?

As we walk about our neighbourhoods, there might still be a couple who still ride around on their PMDs (such badasses). Just like most issues, it seems like the government has gotten their way again despite the huge blowback. Seems like there is no way to get what us citizens deserve or want. The people in their ivory towers move us around like pawns. 

There is only one way we can come up as winners though. That is the elections of course. With the event looming closer, we might finally have a chance to kick them out and get in a better government who fights for the rights and happiness of citizens.

Some of these PMD riders might also be holding on to a small hope that a new govrernment might reverse the ban for them. Well, we shall wait and see then.

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