A Redditporean posted a reddit thread ranting about the three entitled elderly he met just this morning. You can read it here:

In the short span of this morning, I've had the pleasure of:

  • having an auntie shamelessly cut in front of me in a queue (claiming she had only briefly stepped away to talk to her husband);

  • witnessing an uncle hock a loogie into a public water cooler;

  • enjoying some sweet-ass cheena edm mandopop remixes because some uncle decided to try out that dj career he's always dreamt of by cranking his phone's volume to 168% and gracing us with his beats.

[Tulan Tuesday Tirade] Entitled Elderlies from r/singapore

Other Redditporeans joined in and talked about their expereinces with entitled elderlies such as:

  • Don't you just love it when an uncle walks into you and expects you to apologize?
  • i feel you man. Last week a random auntie sat at my spot while i was eatnig without asking and started throwing away receipts, coupons and waste paper onto my table and walk off.
  • two aunties and one uncle ganged up and forced me to give up my seat on the mrt when there were so many other people sitting down,,i wasn’t even on a reserved seat

So do you think elderlies in Singapore are getting more and more entitled? It is true that they are an elder generation and that we should respect them. But does that mean they can outrightly act like they own the world and order you to give up seats for them? Did youngsters not pay for the same transport fares as they did? Does it mean that just because you are young you would not get tired?

These are some questions for all of us to think about. I believe that yes, we should respect and help take care of the elderly. But that does not mean that they can rub it in our faces. Whether we choose to respect them or not is our own prerogative. And let's be real for a second here. Why should we respect them if they are disrespecting us in the first place? Respect does not come with age. Just because you are older doesn't mean you have a free pass to do and get anything you want.


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