A man who made racial remarks on a bus towards a Malay youngster made headlines yesterday. You can read more on it here 

Man Calls Malay Youngster "Shit Malay", Onlooker Steps In To Defend Him

He has been CSI-ed by netters and it appears that he has made a public apology.. of sorts? 

On his own Facebook profile, he did not explicitly say that he was sorry for making those racial remarks but he made two posts telling the public how much he loves Malays because he loves Bandung and Ondeh Ondehs? 

You can read both posts here:

Netters also called him out for making use of Jesus's name in his apology. Questioning where was the love and acceptance that Jesus taught him when he scolded the youngster. 

I wonder if the boy accepts this apology. At least he tried?

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