Pritam Singh from the Workers' Party (WP) has criticised the "glaring exemptions" of the government and public agencies from the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA). Singh was of the view that this was a "lost opportunity at winning the trust of the public" and "does not cnform to the principle that the rule of law applies equally to all".

In response, Senior Minister of State for Law, Edwin Tong, pointed out that government can be held accountable in usual forums like the PAP.

Indeed, Pritam Singh, has pointed out a very glaring ommission. Why should the government fall outside POHA and why should the citizens not be protectted from any acts of doxxing or harassment by the government?

This would serve to reinforce the perception that the government is immune to laws and that these laws, as was articulated by Singh, do not apply equally to all.

The government is supposed to be one of the people, and for the people.

With this omission, it only serves to cement the notion that the government is above the people.

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