The state of Penang is lobbying the Malaysian government to submit a joint bid with Singapore, for the listing of their hawker culture heritage with Unesco. 

A Penang parliamenterian urged the state government to be aggressive in their lobbying or risk losing out. He also claimed that the food in Penang is more famous than the food in Singapore.

Singapore and Malaysia are the same. Yet at the same time, we are very different.

What are the implications of a joint-bid for us here in Singapore? 

We have been good neighbours but our neighbours have been antagonising us since Mahatir Mohamad became PM. 

By submitting a joint-bid, it may dilute the world's understanding and appreciation of our own unique hawker culture. Already, many people in the world still think that we are a part of China. With a joint-bid, people may think that Singapore and Malaysia are the same country. There'll be more confusion. 

Furthermore, there'll be no assurances that there'll be no more provocations from Mahathir and his followers.

If Malaysia is not a member country, then it is up to them to become a member country first. Then they can think about showcasing their heritage and culture.

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