Netizens (who wished to remain anonymous) have bound together to step in to help the needy who fall through the social safety nets in Singapore.

In this case, they are helping an elderly grandmother who has fallen back on the service and conservancy fees owed to the Tanjong Pagar Town Council. 


While refusing the publicity, they nontheless urged all Singaporeans to step up and do likewise, to do what they can for the needy. 

The group rationalises that while there is little they can do to change or affect government policies, they can take more proactive measures to help the needy, instead of merely complaining.

This is a fantastic initiative that should be replicated among Singaporeans. However, while they are preaching compassion, they seem to feel hopeless over a Singaporean's ability to change government policies.

We should not lose hope.

As much as we help the needy, we need to lobby the government to bring the plight of the needy to their attention. Only then can we find more sustainable, longer-term solutions that can help a broader segment of the needy. 

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