The fight has just begun. The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) will be kicking off its campaign on 23 Feb 2019. It will announce its plans for the next General Election, including its direction on making Singapore better. 

The PAP and its ministers have been under fire over the past years for saying stupid things and failing to make improvements. Singaporeans are increasingly annoyed by the constantly increasing costs of living, only to be told by our dear Prime Minister that we can overcome this by saving more money. 

"Given the circumstances, PM Lee Hsien Loong will be sorely tempted to call for an earlier GE rather than allow things to worsen. Elections at the end of this year seems increasingly likely."

The SDP promised to save Singaporeans from the hands of our elite masters. "We may have a mountain to climb but the SDP never says die. We're up to the task and we will conquer that mountain. But we need you, the people, to do it with us.

It's our turn. Our time has come. This is not a drill, it is the real thing, and we need all patriotic Singaporeans to come forward and be part of the campaign – your campaign.

So mark the event on your calendar and spread the word. Tell your family and all your friends when you see them this Chinese New Year to come and be part of this great cause."

The time has come. What are Singaporeans waiting for?


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