Everyone might have experienced a bad taxi ride once in their lifetime, but for one elderly woman, the taxi ride she took on January 17 was a straight ride form hell. The woman, who needed to go to Camden Medical Centre for an appointment, had gotten her son to book for her a taxi ride, as he was at work and cannot accompany his mom.

After booking a taxi, he got a discount of $5.00 out of his $20.50 fare. However, what transpired later shocked him, as hos mother said that the taxi driver had cancelled her booking, even though she was already in the cab. The cabby told the woman that he cancelled because she was late. So, the woman had to pay the full $20.50 fare. Upon hearing of this, the son sought to clarify matters with the cab company, Comfort Delgro. The cabby got to know of this, accused the woman and the son of having a bad heart, and dropped off the woman at a bus stop somewhere near AYE, even though it was far from her intended destination, it was raining, and the woman had a bad leg.

To add insult to injury, the driver threw the money the woman had given him for the ride, and insulted her by calling her a useless Muslim with a bad heart. Comfort Delgro has since got in touch with the aggrieved parties and apologised, and also gave them vouchers for free rides the next time. The cabby was also "severely reprimanded".

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