Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) strongman, Mohamed Jufrie Mahmood, called on opposition parties to revisit the by-election strategy for the upcoming GE.

According to Mohamed Jufrie, the strategy was first mooted by him and his then team-mate Maurice Neo. They were part of the SDP team that contested Eunos GRC against Goh Chok Tong.

For Jufrie, the strategy brings a lot of benefits.

He explained that winning 40 seats in parliament would already seriously impact the PAP propaganda machinery. This would then impact how the PAP supporters perceive their leaders. Some may eventually shift their alliances.

This will pave the way for a complete change in government in the future.

He called on those who want to see a change in government at the next GE to be patient. 

What do you think? 

Should the Opposition adopt the tried-and-tested by-election strategy or should they go for broke and go toe-to-toe with the PAP in all contested constituencies?

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