The drink manufacturer F&N (Fraser and Neave) and NEA said that they will be installing 50 smart vending machines across Singapore. These smart reverse vending machines work by dumping used aluminium cans and plastic bottles into the machines. The machines will then dispense out grocery vouchers for you.

This is to encourage more Singaporeans to recycle. Now this is all fine and dandy. But have we thought of the cons to this project? Yes it will help us save our environment with recycling of such products. But what is going to happen to the elderlies who need the 'active exercise'?

Our Government has claimed before that these elderlies go out to collect cardboard boxes and cans as a form of 'exercise'. But we know better. They need the money. With more people recycling to get their vouchers, what will happen to these aunties? Will they be able to continue surviving with their low/no income? 

Have they considered this flip side of the issue? Instead of having such machines, why not use the money to hire a bunch of these elderlies to give them a higher pay and get them to return the cans for recycling? Would that be a better idea? Things are looking grim. With Singapore trying harder to become a smart nation, it seems like we might be losing our empathy. Too much metal, too little heart. 

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