Who says bad things only happens in Yishun? To buck the trend of only bad news coming out of Yishun, a Stuff'd outlet located at Yishun's Northpoint announced that they were giving away free food to underprivileged kids who are under 14 years old.

Stuff'd is  Mexican-Turkish inspired eatery that’s best known for its kebabs, burritos, and daily bowls. In their Facebook post on April 18, they announced that they will start out the initiative on Easter, and that they have identified their Yishun outlet as it will help “better understand the demand as well as to develop the mechanism for [the initiative].”

Stuff'd hoped that with this initiative, it will better help the children who would otherwise have difficulties in getting food on their tables. We can only hope that Stuff'd extend this initiatives to their other outlets all over Singapore too. 

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