When I see a minister face to face or in front or nearby me, I want to ask something.

I would like very much to ask that minister, who ever he or she is, this very important question that will affect my vote during the upcoming election.

I want to ask if the minister is willing to continue to serve with a paycut of 50%.

Meaning their pay is reduced by half.

If the minister replied with a yes, regardless he or she is lying or telling the truth, I will make sure to consider carefully my choice of vote.

If the minister replied with a no, then PAPXIT may become a reality in that ward.

I think Singaporeans should do the same before they mark an X on the ballot paper during election time.

Anyway surely the ministers will be coming by soon at our houses to chat butter us up.

Best if we can record a live reaction of the minister when we ask the very important question.

Lastly if they just walk way from us without any response, we can all walk away from them too.

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