Dear Santa,

In the past year, I have been nothing but a good boy.

I know you grant the wishes of people who have been good. So I hope you grant me these wishes.

You see I live in Singapore. Great place - safe, clean, progressive in many areas. Many foreigners want to live, study, and work here. 

Yet, some Singaporeans themselves feel like they don't belong. 

There are things that we are lacking. These things, some would argue, can be partially attributed to the naughty people that have led the country for very long. You can't miss them. They wear white uniforms, and possess an elitist mindset. 

I want to see a change.

The elections are coming. We don't know when. Next year year, or the year after. 

I wish that after the elections, the naughty people in white are no longer in government.

I wish that when this transition happen, everything will be peaceful and that people respect the outcome of the elections.

I wish that after the elections, Tharman Shanmugaratnam will become the Prime Minister. Everyone loves him. He is capable and respected by his peers. He would be our very first minority PM.

I wish that Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Pritam Singh will become the Deputy PMs. They may not be experienced in the office but they are more than capable of filling that role.

I wish that Dr Chee Soon Juan, Dr Paul Tambyah, Lim Tean, will be part of the Cabinet. There are others but we need to see them in action first.

I wish Singaporeans will embrace the new government with an open mind.

I wish that post-elections, the new government will build a Singapore that is economically successful, and social inclusive and progressive.

Oh dear Santa, please grant me these wishes.


Son of Singapore 

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