Children are young, innocent and naive. Does this hold true in our society today? 

A man was delivering food at Clementi when a boy from the next door unit started scolding him for touching his plants. A while later, when the man was leaving after completing his delivery, the boy ran out and shouted vulgarities before sprinting back into his house. 

Annoyed, the man went to knock on the boy's door but was conveniently ignored by the boy and his parents even though they saw him standing there. 

The outraged deliveryman was stunned by how wrong parenting can get and how parents are letting that happen in Singapore. "Pls do teach ur Son properly for his behaviour coz it reali disgusting e way he is nw n for his future sake! Pls share it out for me guys coz I nit e parents of tis boy to see tis n noe tis is nt e way to teach ur kid!!!!"

Is he just one bad egg or are children nowadays getting out of hand? What can parents do about it? What can Singaporeans do to raise awareness so that parents are willing to do something about it? 

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