An ang moh woman was caught on camera giving a taxi driver the middle finger while she was crossing the road. In the footage uploaded on Saturday by a taxi driver named Jaymes, the woman was seen crossing the road junction with no traffic lights or pedestrian crossing.

According to the driver, he was slowing down to make a right turn at the junction heading towards a carpark when he noticed an ang mo woman walking and crossing the junction with her headphones on, and most likely not paying attention to where she was. So the taxi driver gave a gentle tap on his taxi horn, to let the jaywalker know of his presence. However, instead of hurrying off to safety, the woman flashed her middle finger at him, as if she had done nothing wrong.

The cabby then commented that next time, she might not be so lucky, as some drivers might not slow down when turning, and the woman ad her middle finger might get mowed down. Which, judging by the idiotic response to the ang moh woman, might not be such a bad thing after all.


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