On this year's episode of National Day Rally, Pinky talked about ways to cope with our cost of living. The highest paid minister in the world is teaching us about coping with our cost of living. What an irony right?  A netter wrote in with some ways for us to cope with the cost of living while being in line with pinky's tips:

"Ways to Cope with the Cost of Living (in line with Pinky's methods)
1. Flush as few times as possible in the toilet.
2. Better still, pee and poop in free toilets such as in shopping malls to save on both water and toilet paper. (Don't blame me if it leads to price increases. Just don't shop?)
3. Walk part of your journey to and from work. (Don't blame me if you end up having to buy more shoes. Walk barefooted?)
4. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables so that you can save on the energy needed to cook.
5. Don't watch TV at home.
6. Cancel your Internet subscription and rely on free Wi-Fi at places like MacDonald's -- without patronising them, of course. (Don't blame me if you get chased away.)
7. Wear your clothes more times before washing so that they won't be worn out so fast and you can save water.
8. Don't get haircuts so often. If you are schooling, be a si geena and let your discipline master cut for you. 
9. Don't vote for upgrading if you are asked to. It's not free, you know?
10. Reuse condoms. (Don't blame me if you end up paying for your contributions to the fertility rate.)"

Credits to 莫丽蜜

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