Wedding gatecrashes are a norm for Chinese weddings. The grooms have to prove his love for the bride through different acts such as eating sweet, salty, spicy and bitter food coupled with a few other games to deter the groom before he gets to meet the bride. A redditporean posted a weddding gate crash gone wrong. You can read more here:

So I wanted to share something epic that happened to me over the weekend. Long story short, I was part of the groomsmen or "brothers" for the groom. Tbh I was kind of surprised that I got asked to be a brother cause I wasn't THAT close to the groom, although I was close to the other brothers. In any case, I was happy for him and didn't want to turn him down so I went along with the whole wedding prep and all that.

Come to actual wedding day, we head to the bride's flat and had the whole gatecrash with the usual games like eating the sweet,bitter,sour and spicy food, some other games and stuff in the common area outside the flat. At this point everything was going okay and everyone was having fun, until we got to the "final stage" just outside the flat where we were outside and the rest of the sisters were inside the flat, separated by those grille doors. They started doing the "bribing" thing where the groom would offer increments of money in ang baos for the sisters to open the door (started at around $5 in each pack just for laughs, and increased to about $50 in each pack). Two of the sisters became quite demanding, to the point where we could see the groom getting a little agitated. They kept saying "eh give more ah, if not you cannot come in!", though it was in a half-joking half-serious manner.

After a good 10 or so minutes of it and the sisters not being very cooperative, the groom just suddenly shouted "Don't want to let me in then don't lah!" He threw the bouquet of flowers he was holding on the ground, stormed off to the lift and took the lift downstairs. When we (the brothers) eventually caught up to him at the carpark, he actually DROVE OFF!! Later on the bride's father had to call him and drive to meet him to talk through things, and eventually he came back and the rest of the events proceeded as planned...funny thing though, all the sisters were very quiet and awkward that whole afternoon.

What are some of your horror wedding stories (especially gatecrash) that you've heard in Singapore? from r/singapore

Weddings are suppsoed to be a happy affair. But some people do take it too far and push the grooms to their tipping points. From a glance of the comments section, money seems to be the one thing that turn these joyous occasions into a sour one. Many "sisters" do not want to let the groom see the bride until they get more money. However, grooms might feel that they have already spent too much on their wedding and spending more just to see his wife will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.  

Many agreed that the games are not the ones that will sour the event but money will. So how far can people actually push it? A tip given by experienced "brothers and sisters" is to let the bride talk to her sisters about how much they should expect and not to push for too much.

Well we have one tip too. When you see the groom's face becoming black. Stop playing. Don't destroy the couple's day.


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