A video that has been circulating online reportedly shows a taxi that was travelling on the right most lane on an SG road, stopped suddenly just so the cabby can pick up a passenger from a road divider.

On the video posted on November 12, the taxi can be quite clearly seen braking hard to a full stop, and a would be passenger opening the right side of the taxi's passenger door. The incident supposedly happened at Mandai Road on November 11 at around 7:45pm. The taxi is a red one, meaning the driver most likely hailed from Trans-Cab. Although the taxi had its hazard lights on when it suddenly brake, it definitely broke all the Laws of the Singapore roads, where you definitely cannot stop a taxi to pick up a passenger on the right most lane. 

The vehicle behind was forced to stop, and started honking loudly, before being forced to move off from the second lane. Most who viewed the video have called for the video be sent to the Traffic Police for further actions to be taken. 

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