By Rudy Irawan Kadjairi,

The real problem with trying to talk about racism in this country?

The harsh reality that you can’t.

You can’t talk about racism in this country when there’s a more concerted effort to squash any suggestion of it than to discuss it.

That anyone bringing up or raising the awareness of racism in this country is seen as “a shit stirrer” and one whose agenda is nothing more than to upset the “peace and harmony” of this country.

And in irony as thick as the haze we get due to forest fires, we are far quicker to demonise anyone who gathers enough courage to point out about racism, than we are about the instance of racism itself.

We refuse to talk about privilege, and then see rampant comments that highlights the absolute ignorance and denials of the problem. Worse is to hear arguments that there is no racism here because they, as a member of the majority, have never seen any.

Perhaps more damning to the cause of trying to talk about racism, is when you have members of the minority insisting that shutting down the unease, the discomfort and the complaints against racism is far more important than talking about it, if it meant that we can keep up with the status quo of promoting the feelgood image of a “harmonious society”.

This message alone will be considered a threat. This message alone will be faced with disdain by those who want to maintain the mask we put on for everyone.

And I know I will be made the “shit stirrer”.

But the truth is, I’ve had enough.

I find it ludicrous that I even have to explain the instances of racism in this country.

Do you agree with what was said?

Try googling 'racism singapore' to jolt your memory of some old stories.

And honestly would you rather be the "shit stirrer" who stands up for something, or just remain quiet like the rest?



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